About Mr. Bathtub, Inc.
Who is Mr. Bathtub, Inc.?
What is refinishing?
How long does it take?
What can be refinished?
How does refinishing hold up?

Who is Mr. Bathtub, Inc.?

Mr. Bathtub, Inc. has built an outstanding reputation by providing excellent customer service and quality refinishing to thousands of customers since 1980. We are properly licensed and insured.
We are members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.
Our technicians are master craftspeople who are proud of their reputation and want to put it on the line for you.
We thank you for our continued success!

What is refinishing?Refinishing is a process which is completed in several steps and requires specialized equipment and materials in order to accomplish excellent results. Mr. Bathtub, Inc's unique process:

  1. Remove and replace old caulking and/or grout.Clean the fixtures and/or tile thoroughly.Fill and sand smooth chips and mars. Extensive masking (Covering) of the surrounding areas.When possible, set up ventilation.Apply our proprietary bonding agent.Spray several coats of our acrylic polyurethane glaze.Leave fixtures overnight to dry.
  2. Return the following day to buff the fixture and remove the masking.

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How long does it take?Most jobs are completed within 24 hours. However, some larger jobs can take more time.

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What can be refinished?

Bathtubs Sinks Fiberglass
Shower Pans
Tile Walls Entire Bathrooms
Counter tops
Chips Fiberglass Tub/Shower Units Tile Shower

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How does refinishing hold up?Mr. Bathtub, Inc. provides a 5 year written guarantee on most refinished surfaces. We also provide "care instruction," which along with normal use, can help in extending the life of your refinished surface far beyond the length of the guarantee.

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For answers to any questions you have about
our process, please call us at

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